Create a Page for my Business in Facebook?

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How to Create a Page for my Business on Facebook?

First you need to connect to the Page Creation section of Facebook by typing in your favorite browser

Then, click on the Create Page button on the right side of the site

This is the landing page to start the creation of your page. There is two different type of Page, Community Page or Official Page. For this tutorial we will be creating an Official Page in the right section

On the right section, select what type of page you would like to create. You have three sections within Official Page: 1, Local Business, 2. Brand, product or organization or 3. Artist, band, or public figure.

We will select Local Business here. Select your type of Business. We selected Education.

Then type in the Page Name (i.e. EntrepreneursBooks or ThinkTutorial), and check to agree that you are the official representative of this person, business, band or product. Finally, click on Create Office Page

You will prompted with an alert that you need to login. Go ahead and click Login

Since you are creating an official page, you will be prompted with a term agreement request. Click on Create Page

You are done! Please check our Facebook tutorials to learn more on how to customize your page!




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