Share a Question in Facebook?

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How to create a poll or share a question with your Friends on Facebook?

Click on the Question icon under Share.

Click on the question icon

Then, client on Add Poll Options if you want to give multiple choice answers.

Add Poll Options

This is what you will see

Now under Add Poll, you can list your multiple answers options. Let’s list two options: “I love it” and below add a new option and write “Hate it“. You will also see that you will be provided options of Pages as soon as you start typing. This is the screen before we press “Ask Question”.

Note: If your question is open, then check the “Allow anyone to add options”. By doing so, you will allow your friends to add more options of what they believe is a better answer.

Multiple Choice Questions on Facebook

Press Ask Question. Your question has been now shared in your feeds. Wait for your friend to reply.

Your question is now share with friends




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